Real Union beat Sanse in Gal (2-1)

Image of a moment of the meeting. / royal union / twitter

Carlos Bravo has been the author of the two goals of the Irundarra team within the first quarter of an hour

Real Unión defeated Sanse this Saturday at Stadium Gal by 2-1 in a match that started off with a lot of goalscoring. The txuribeltz went ahead as soon as they started after a recovery by Beobide in midfield in which the referee did not interpret a foul on Lebarbier. Jon Ander assisted Bravo and the player from Madrid, at the first touch, did not forgive to make it 1-0 with a low shot.

Real Unión’s number ’22’ entered the clash in tune and beat Arribas again after a quarter of an hour. Sanse’s central defenders were somewhat soft and the unionist attacker defined perfectly to raise the score to 2-0.

The scoring pace has not faltered and in the next attack it was Sanse who opened his account. He has done it through Lebarbier, who made up for his mistake at 1-0. The midfielder recovered a ball on the balcony of the area and took a powerful shot from the edge of the box that beat Jiménez. The Avilesian goalkeeper could do something else.

The scoreboard has not moved again in the first forty-five minutes although Núñez and Jon Ander, on the local side, have had good chances to increase the lead.

Goalless at the restart

After the break, the usual carousel of changes typical of each preseason took place and the match lost some of its rhythm. As soon as it started, Zulaika’s men enjoyed an indirect free kick inside the small realistic area that Oyarzun crashed into the txuri-urdin barrier.

On the part of Sergio Francisco’s men, Arzak put Irazustabarrena to the test after a good personal move, but the usurbildarra goalkeeper prevented the draw. Already in the final stretch, a shot from almost 30 meters from Oyarzun could have made it 3-1. Olasagasti was right to put the mitten and prevent it.

The first Gipuzkoan derby of the year in the First RFEF has stayed in Irun. The next one will be with points at stake.



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