Real Madrid: The new life of Marcelo

Marcelo he is closer to retirement than to continuing his extraordinary career as a footballer. After saying goodbye to Real Madrid lifting three titles in 21-22, the Brazilian is not quite seduced by the offers that come to his hands, with proposals for Qatar o to MLS, among other. So the possibility of retirement gains weight in the immediate future of the player with the most titles (25) in the history of Madrid.

What is Marcelo’s current situation?

But the situation does not catch the Brazilian with the changed step. It’s been a long time since Marcelo He has been preparing for life after football, laying the foundations for a career as an entrepreneur to which he can now give the impetus that his activity as a professional footballer limited.

Marcelo’s farewell party: all the top guests of the night

Marcelo and his different businesses

Marcelo currently owns two clubs, the Azurizof the Brazilian Paranaense Championship, and the Mafra, of the Portuguese second division. The first was acquired in 2017 and more recently it was launched on the European adventure. The Mafra belongs to the same group as the first and is considered by Marcelo as the ideal bridge between the Brazilian and European markets. As for the Azuriz, the idea of ​​Marcelo and his partners is to promote their training function, an area in which the former madridista already has considerable experience thanks to his ‘Campus 12’. An initiative that, in collaboration with his sister-in-law, Caio Alveshas been developing successfully for some time and which is another of Marcelo’s business activities.

Of the three players Madrid who ended their contract on June 39, Marcelo was the only one who had an institutional farewell at the height of his career. The other two, Gareth Bale e Isco Alarcnhave already found a destination (Los Angeles FC and Sevilla, respectively), unlike a Marcelo that, in any case, he knows that the doors of Madrid will always be open for him. An eventual return to Madrid as an ambassador or institutional representative is also included in Marcelo’s future plans, who does not lack professional incentives if, as it seems, he ends up hanging up his boots this summer.



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