Reactions to discriminatory admission practice: Criticism of Berlin lido tenants who now want to express themselves – districts – Berlin

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Julia Schmitz writes from TREPTOW-KÖPENICK:

  • Newsletter works: guests of the Grünau lido had contacted our author and described their experiences of a discriminatory admission practice in which people were asked about their postcodes. She reported in the newsletter, then the bathing establishments and the sports senator reacted and asked the operator to change this practice. Now the lido tenant also wants to comment on the allegations of our readers and others. More on this in the new newsletter on Monday, other topics this time include:
  • Redesign of the Adlershof market square: Why five trees have to give way
  • Growing up in Schöneweide: Lutz Deckwerth writes a book about GDR childhood
  • Sewer blocked: Regattastraße in Grünau becomes a huge construction site
  • The federal government is building a control center: Berlin locks will be controlled from Grünau in the future
  • 95 years of the Friedrichshagen water rescue station: no renovation planned for the time being
  • Tightrope act on the Lohmühlenbrücke
  • Round birthday: The Allende district turns 50
  • But no more forest: land next to Forum Köpenick may be built on
  • This is how the season opener of the Union footballers in the regional league went

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Robert Klages writes from LICHTENBERG:

  • “Maximum dishonest”: criticism of CDU politicians who distribute “independent” newsletters – without naming their party affiliation
  • With music against the AfD and right-wing positions: Toskonaut and his dog Toshi from Friedrichsfelde
  • “Not in the mood” for ideas from Lichtenberg? Transport councilor Schäfer with harsh criticism of the Senate administration
  • “We are catching up with full force what could not be achieved in the years”: how should the statements by City Councilor Schaefer be interpreted?
  • “Misunderstanding”: District imposes a ban on bicycles in the Seepark – and then takes it back

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