PSG: Christophe Galtier is still waiting for three players during the transfer window

It was the back-to-school press conference for the new PSG coach, Christophe Galtier, 48 hours before his team’s first Ligue 1 match in Clermont. After a convincing victory last Sunday (4-0) against Nantes during the Champions Trophy, the Parisian coach was talkative, comfortable as usual. He took stock of upcoming recruitments, the lessons of this summer off-season and the resumption of the championship this Saturday (9 p.m.).

The arrival of Renato Sanches

“He has qualities that our other circles don’t have. It is very explosive, very hard-hitting. There was this opportunity on the market to take a player who knew both the French championship and the top level. He will have to fit in, he arrives quite late, he has not played the preparation matches so he will be late. But he’s a totally different player in his explosiveness, his ability to break lines or catch shots defensively. »

The next recruits

“We expect three more. Then there is the difficulty of the transfer window. The president and the sports management are working a lot on this. We are not here to stack players. I want a certain number of them in my squad, close in terms of level to perform well and create healthy competition. Will they arrive quickly, later or not at all? I don’t know, but the club is doing everything. »

The role of Sergio Ramos

“Sergio is one of the locker room executives. Out of habit, I know that this profile of players there brings the requirement of the very high level, whether they play or not. You can’t have your career without being exemplary, demanding and very professional. It is automatically part of the frames. It has happened to me in different clubs that executives do not play, because of competition, but I always rely on this profile of players with an extraordinary career, and what they must bring in terms of professionalism to some , to others and to me, with their experiences that I do not have.

Sergio has done a full preparation, hasn’t missed a training session, he’s good, he’s working. He had a shock on the quadriceps during the Champions Trophy, I asked him twice if he was able to finish and as he is a great competitor, he wanted to finish even if he was in pain. To show that he is ready to be efficient and available. »

The biggest satisfaction of the off-season

“The seriousness, the state of mind. The players were very available in the training sessions, both concentrated and participated in the preparation for the matches, this system that I wanted to put in place, the exchange, the video work, the corrections, and also had ideas to put forward and in that sense it was interesting. »

The new system

“You can have the feeling, when you announce that you are playing 3 or 5 behind, that it is a defensive system. I think it’s on the contrary a system that can allow us to have more players in the top position. Very high pistons, a lot of people inside the game and in the opposing surface. But it must also give us the right balance to avoid transitions. Often, when you play PSG, and I am well placed to know this, you evolve in transition, block the exits of balls. »

Physical preparation and preparation for the World Cup

“We did not, with the staff, go as far as thinking about how we are going to be on November 13. Week after week, we make sure to have a weekly work cycle, with very specific loads each day. It will be necessary to intensify all this when the matches are going to be linked. There is also the importance of the data that we are going to have on the state of form of each other, to have a workforce that always makes PSG very efficient regardless of who is on the ground. We work with the sports management and our president to have a workforce that is not very large but very efficient players to be so regardless of who we start with. It will also be necessary to manage, to spare the organizations on a physical level to lose as few people as possible before November. After the World Cup, we will see, there will also be a winter transfer window so we will see what can happen. »

The resumption of Ligue 1

“We do this job to be in competition, to experience emotions. Training is one thing but we live for the competition, we are lacking, and we want to get into this championship as best as possible with this first match. No excitement, but a real desire to enter the competition. When PSG travel, the stadiums are full, it’s often THE game of the season for the home team, so the environment means that we are in adversity. It’s part of the job, and I want to discover all that. »



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