Professional League 2022: the table of positions, the averages and the classification for the cups

Atletico Tucuman He arrived at the Bombonera with the premise of taking a character test as leader of the Professional League. For a long time, despite not having the ball, he exposed the problems of a Boca that was forced to win so as not to say goodbye to the championship too early. Augusto Lotti gave the Dean the lead, but the visitors seemed to run out of physique in the second half, and he was unable to stop Boca’s onslaught, which turned it around with a brace from the tiny Luca Langoni, an unexpected hero. There was no lack of controversy: neither the referee Espinoza nor the VAR saw a penalty in Zambrano’s elbow inside the Boca area in stoppage time.

Despite the defeat -the second of the championship-, Atlético Tucumán is still up with 32 points. Gimnasia (30) could have matched him, but he barely tied with Sarmiento; Huracán (28), Argentinos (27) and River (26) couldn’t get too close either, and those who did close the gap were Godoy Cruz (28), who beat Newell’s in Rosario 2-1, and Boca (26).

Gimnasia y Esgrima continues as an escort, although they barely managed a laborious goalless draw in their visit to Sarmiento, who had the clearest chances to open the scoring, including the goal scored by Luciano Gondou, 31 minutes into the second half. But the VAR detected a minimal advanced position of the youth striker and the referee Echavarría annulled the goal. Pipo Gorosito’s team, who had previously criticized Verde de Junín, has gone seven games without losing.

On Saturday night, River missed another opportunity and drew 1-1 with Tigre, in another match in which Marcelo Gallardo’s team took the lead with a great goal from Pablo Solari, but Matador tied it in the second half with a penalty converted by Mateo Retegui, the team’s top scorer. contest.

Another of those who sought to closely follow the leader was Argentinos Juniors. But Gabriel Milito’s Bicho stumbled in the classic against Platense, who defeated him 2-0 with goals from Morgantini and Costa, and left him further from the forefront.

This is the standings

The results of date 16

the way to the cups

The fight for permanence

This is how the next date will be played

Classification for the Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana

Argentina has six places for the Copa Libertadores in 2023. Boca obtained the first ticket by winning the Professional League Cup. The champion of the current League will access directly. The same will be achieved by the Argentine Cup. The remaining places will go to the first three clubs in the annual general table, which includes the points obtained in the group stage of the LPF Cup (13 games) and the League (total: 40 games). The third of those teams will go to the Libertadores playoff.

Meanwhile, the South American 2023 will play another six teams, which will emerge from the general table and will be the ones located after those classified for the Copa Libertadores. If a club already classified by another instance is repeated, the place will go to the next in that table.



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