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Kahoku Shimpo Online News will start breaking news on a professional baseball ball today on August 3rd. Of course, you can follow the games of all baseball teams in real time, as well as Tohoku Rakuten. I’m curious about the progress, but I can’t watch the broadcast because I’m at work. We will meet the expectations of fans with a wealth of information. You can easily use it on your mobile phone, computer or tablet. Please take a look.
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Confidence in ball type analysis Meeting expectations with a wealth of information

Here is the base screen. Tap the “Breaking News” tab to see real-time updates on the pitches for that turn at bat. Ball type judgment is also perfect. Experienced personnel sometimes use slow motion video to analyze the grip of the ball and determine the type of breaking ball.

The feature of the breaking news is that it focuses on ball type analysis. Try tapping the “Balance” tab at the bottom of the screen. In addition to displaying all the pitches in that turn at bat along with the pitch speed, a pie chart will be displayed showing what types of pitches the pitcher has thrown during the season. What will the pitcher throw next, and what will the hitter aim for? Watching a game while reading the distribution of balls is a great taste of baseball. We will deliver information that will be a hint for reasoning.

We respond to fans’ “want to know” with a wealth of information on player results. In addition to basic information such as batting average, on-base percentage, and batting average in the scoring area, you can see the detailed results of the last 5 games and the results of the last 3 years. In addition to season information such as ERA and number of strikeouts, you can also see the details of pitching in the last 5 games, so you can see how well you are doing.

“Match information” will be useful before watching a game. In addition to the starting lineup, you can see the match results of the past 5 games, team comparison of batting average and ERA. After the game, the screen switches to the inning score and progress screen.

“Shashin de Bulletin” is also hot!

At the same time, on the online news, “Photo de Bulletin” is being carried out at Tohoku Rakuten’s home game. Photos of golden eagles taken by elite photographers in the photo and video department are uploaded in real time during the game. Asamura’s home run and Norimoto’s enthusiastic pitching are introduced with powerful photos. It is also attractive that you can see a frame that does not appear on the paper, such as the practice scene before the game.

This season’s Pacific League is a big battle. From the regular season to the climax series and the Japan series, the Kahoku Shimpo Online News will continue to be hot.

Click here for the photo de bulletin on July 30, which won 7-0

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