Premier League: London’s Tuchel and Tottenham’s Conte shortly before coach brawl

Chelsea twice lost a lead at home at Stamford Bridge and had to settle for a point on Matchday 2 in the London derby against Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs striker Harry Kane headed the decisive goal in the last minute. Emotions ran high.

A fair division of points? No, at least not when it came to the two coaches on the sidelines. Antonio Conte (Tottenham) and Thomas Tuchel (Chelsea) attacked each other in the supposed handshake as if stung by the tarantula. Only thanks to the team members and the fourth official could the two brawlers be kept apart.

Almost a fight between Chelsea coach Tuchel and Tottenham’s Conte – Tuchel comments on the dispute

After the 1-1 draw by Tottenham’s Hojberg, the two head coaches clashed violently and could only just be kept apart there. The tensions between the two camps were already very high during the week, and Tuchel and Conte were already exchanging taunts in the press conferences.

The reaction then followed on the day of the match itself. However, there were no blue eyes. Only one red card each for the coaches after the final whistle from referee Anthony Taylor.

Tuchel himself was tight-lipped after the game. “I thought that you look into each other’s eyes when we shake hands, but he had a different opinion,” said Tuchel about the Zoff trigger with Conte. The red card for Conte and him was “not necessary”, said Tuchel. Conte, on the other hand, did not comment and was silent about the events after the match. If there is a problem with the German coach, “it’s between him and me,” emphasized the impulsive Italian.

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