Poule Scudetto: precious victories for Parma and Collecchio

The launches of Montilla, Contreras and Habeck, the home runs of Mineo and Astorri and a prodigious defensive play at bases full of Battions allowed the Parma Climto defeat San Marino tonight with a score of 3 to 2.

A victory that allows to keep the games open for the conquest of the first place in the group of the Poule Scudetto. Down for 2-0 in the middle of the second inning, the ducals reacted decisively and overturned the result with the serve-points of the catcher and first base. Winning pitcher Montilla, salvation for Habeck.
Today (Saturday) at 4 pm and 8 pm the second and third matches on the San Marino pitch. (

The Camec Collecchio snatches a precious victory for morale against Neptune 1945 for 2-1 at the end of a match fought to the end. The first inning is almost a mirror image for the two formations: with three bases on ball, including one with solid bases granted to Samuele Gamberini, and one valid against the Neptunian starter Kodai Hamaya, Collecchio takes the lead, but Nettuno reciprocates with two singles and two bases on ball, one of which, given to Freddy Noguera at full bases, produces the 1-1.
Absolute parity is maintained until the last moments, with the only rings coming from the doubles of the 2007 class Daniele Di Persia and Mario Trinci for the premises and from the situation of full bases with an eliminated in the fourth inning, thwarted by the double-game serve by Fabio Sorrentino.
Davide Trolli’s double against Lars Liguori at the opening of the seventh inning reopens the opportunities for Camec which perfectly builds the 2-1 with a sacrificial bunt from Sorrentino and a sacrificial sprint by Pietro Mantovani. The Neptunians try the answer with the hit of the other class 2007 Riccardo Mazzanti and with the base on ball to Andrea Sellaroli, but Lorenzo Dallaturca, third pitcher of Collecchio after Jean Ruiz (4IP, 1R) and Matthias Zotti (2IP), eliminates Di Persia and Mercuri, sealing the first victory of the Emilians after 14 consecutive defeats. (

(In the photo Tommaso Battioni – Photo Credit Parma Baseball)



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