Poule Scudetto: Parma Clima redemption, 3-0 to Nettuno

Parma Clima returned to victory by conquering Nettuno’s Steno Borghese last night in less than two hours of play.

Guided from the mound by the now tried and tested duo formed by Montilla and Contreras, the ducals imposed themselves with the result of 3 to 0, offering an excellent team performance and putting the bad evening against Bologna behind them. On the shields Cesare Astorri (3 out of 3 with a double and two points beaten at home) and Manuel Joseph (2 out of 3 with two points scored).


The hosts have lined up with the expected lineup. Trinci received the throws of the southpaw Liguori with Noguera designated. In the external field Colasante, Giordani and Baldazzi were placed while the diamond was defended by Venditti (first base), Sellaroli (second), Novoa (third) and Mercuri (shortstop).

Few surprises also in Parma Clima with Montilla on drums with Mineo and Astorri DH. On the inside field, Poma chose the traditional formation with Sambucci, Talevi, Joseph and Rodriguez while the line of the external was formed by Flisi, Koutsoyanopulos and Gonzalez.

Parma Clima’s first attack ended without points despite a double in the middle of Gonzalez, the same fate for the Lazio opening fraction with three batters quickly eliminated by the host defense.

The European champions have shown that they can continuously hit Liguori’s throws but in the second inning Astorri, first hitter of the fraction, made a mistake in the race by being eliminated in an attempt to lengthen a single in a double: the next valid in front is useless. on the left outside of Leo Rodriguez.

In the fourth, Guido Poma’s boys have finally reaped the fruits of their offensive work. Joseph opened the attack with a deep double to the left, was pushed into third by a sprint in the center of Mineo and scored the point of one to zero thanks to another double to the left of Astorri.

Liguori reacted decisively and closed the fraction with two consecutive strikeouts against Sambucci and Rodriguez.

Neptune’s reaction was rather weak. Montilla conceded a single to Trinci in the second round but then got into high gear, successfully made his defense work and put in ten consecutive eliminations (three overall strikeouts).

Parma Clima finally got their hands on the match in the sixth inning. Joseph got a single, then Mineo received four balls: Astorri confirmed to be in the evening of grace and beat the third valid of the evening by stamping – thanks also to a shooting error – the points of 3 to 0.

The home bench called the Japanese Hamaya to work who closed the second half without further damage with a double play and a strikeout on Talevi.

To secure the victory, Parma Clima called Carlos Contreras to work starting from the second part of the sixth round. The former major league has achieved a well-deserved salvation by eliminating with certainty the batters faced with the only concessions of a “hit” in Novoa and a base ball in Mercuri.
The other matches will be played today at 3.30pm and 8.30pm.



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