PMU – Arrival of the quinté of Wednesday August 31 at Compiègne: The Charmer dominates the situation

Arrival of the fifth: 3 – 2 – 6 – 16 – 4

Contested on a resplendent track, this Wednesday’s event returned to The Charmer (#3). Even if he remained on a failure, the resident of Mikel Delzangles showed his best face on the 1,600 m of the Hippodrome du Putois in an event reserved for horses aged 4 and over. Ridden by Ioritz Mendizabal, the winner was constantly in the first third of the peloton and proved to be very courageous in resisting the excellent end of the race of Billabong Cat (n° 2), whose rating fell sharply a few moments before the start.

Slightly behind the first two, the favorite, Flour (n° 10), took third place after a good end of the race. When the rains deign to point the tip of their nose, the resident of Anastasia Wattel will certainly win the prize in this type of event.

They also authors of beautiful ends of race, Trobreizh (#16) and Mother Ilmeda (No. 4), which remained on three successes, complete the good combination of the fifth.



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