PMU – Arrival of the quinté of Monday August 29 at Pairs-Vincennes: Hubble du Vivier is the strongest

Arrival of the fifth : 11 – 2 – 6 – 7 – 8

The first quinté of the week was set in the Parisian ash and returned to its usual schedule, namely 1:50 p.m. Reserved only for 5-year-olds, this event contested with the help of the autostart over the distance of 2,100 m experienced a dramatic change from the first meters of the course with the disqualification of its favorite, Harlequin (n°3) in the descent.

As good as gold, Vivier Hubble (n°11) managed to elude his trick number in the second row, which allows him to achieve a masterstroke for his first steps at this level. After waiting in the peloton, this resident of Sébastien Ernault made his effort at the start of the last bend before taking the best mid-straight.

In the lead at the intersection of the tracks, Harmonist (n°2) valiantly defended itself all along the finish line without however containing the thrust of the winner. figurative constant, Una’s story (n°6) takes third place and is ahead of the outsider (67/1), Hannah (#7). The fifth is completed by Hulysse Digeo (n°8) which clearly precedes Hacienda Desbois (#14) and Higuain de Lou (n°12).

With the rout of several favorites, this quinté was very profitable since its report in the order exceeds 245,000 euros.



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