PMU – Arrival of the quinté of Friday August 5 in Cabourg: Eole de Rio makes people happy

Arrival of the fifth: 4 – 10 – 2 – 16 – 9

What emotions for the entourage ofEole du Rio (#4)! Offered at outsider odds, the resident of Stéphane Provoost took advantage of favorable racing circumstances with first the fault of the favorite, equejuelo one kilometer from the finish and a providential opening on the rope at the start of the last bend. “I had a good race, confirms Gabriele Gelormini, his pilot, at the microphone of Equidia. I was able to infiltrate inside because Julien Raffestin, (driver of Alba Falcon) was not holding its rope. ” Ultimately, Eole de Rio imposes itself very soon after a photograph that took a long time to be developed. The Italian driver, who won his 48th quinté also evokes another important element: “It had been two years since the horse had been barefooted. At the warm-up heat, he was already good. He has good morale. For Stéphane Provoost, who will become a dad in the coming days, this is his seventh success at this level.

Author of a beautiful end of race, Eawy d’Eole (#10) narrowly misses out on success but realizes great value. Spirit of Belfonds (n° 2) justifies the confidence of those around him by finishing third in front of Good Express (n° 16), which finishes close to the trifecta. Cedar Spire (No. 9) completes the good combination of the fifth.



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