PIDS is rehabilitating the basketball court in Culiacán Park

CULIACAN._ The culiacan parkalso know as Culiacan Park 87 o EME park received his “cat hand” from the Sinaloense Sports Promoter Board.

The entire court is also being painted so that it can look in good shape. David Eduardo Vargas Rodríguez, president of the PIDS, He talked about the work that is being carried out.

“Inside of culiacan park, better known as Parque 87, specifically one was deteriorated, it no longer had its base or board, or others, we already finished the intervention. This court is used by many people, and children and families are using it, that means that there is interest in using these courts by families,” commented Vargas Rodríguez.

This sports space will be inaugurated in the coming days, so that more families can have more dignified spaces to practice their favorite sport, improving the environments, health and well-being of Sinaloans

The PIDS is also carrying out other projects for the sports infrastructure of Sinaloa, such as the baseball stadium in the town of El Melonamong others that will be announced in the coming days.



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