Paula Badosa’s slip: “Catalan is not a language, but I count it the same”

the spanish tennis player Paula Badosa stated that “the catalan is not a language when asked about the number of languages ​​she speaks in an interview prior to the tournament in San José – where she debuts this morning – against the American Elizabeth Mandlik.

Badosa gave an interview to the ‘Lawn Tennis Association’ (LTA) and was asked about various topics. Among them, the languages ​​that she handles. The player born in the United States, but settled in Spain since her childhood, she replied: “Spanish, Catalan, which is not a language, but I count it anyway, and English.”

Badosa’s words provoked this Wednesday the response of the Catalan organization ‘Plataforma per la Llengua’, created in defense of Catalan in 1993. “Of course Catalan is a language, Paula Badosa: you can be fully proud!” write on your Twitter account.

“We encourage you to act as a linguistic referent throughout the world: surely many of the ten million Catalan speakers are your followers!”, sentenced the platform after the demonstrations of Paula Badosa.



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