Passing warmth with basketball | Public welfare action, starting from the heart, caring for special children and helping their dreams fly-Yantai Economy-Jellyfish Net

Passing warmth with basketball | Public welfare actions, starting from the heart, caring for special children, helping their dreams fly

Yantai Charity Federation International Volunteer Love Service Team

Join hands with D2C Basketball on the morning of August 1st

For the special children of Shunhua Training School in High-tech Zone

Carry out public basketball classes

Before teachers and children arrive

D2C Basketball Shigoutun Campus

Coaches, students and caring service teams have been waiting for a long time

A warm welcome to these lovely children


Before the course starts

The coach first briefly introduced the training content

and started warm-up


Public welfare courses officially started

The coach first teaches the children the correct posture to play basketball

The children are practicing seriously

The coaches patiently guide each child


Although it was a little rusty at first

But the atmosphere was lively

The children also experienced the unique charm of basketball


Although these exercises can be challenging for some children

but none of the children gave up

They are all working hard to prove themselves, and praise them!


Captured a few “sticky” little cuties~

Under the patient escort and communication of D2C coaches and students

Every child can successfully complete the training content


The coach personally awarded the excellent student certificate to the children

See the smiles on the children’s faces

Everything we give is worth it


At the end of the event, D2C basketball training camp donated to the school

Customized basketball, sports handbags and other equipment

May the children recover soon and help realize their dreams


At the same time, the principal of Shunhua Training School offered to the basketball hall

Hand drawn paintings by students

to express gratitude


The coaches, students and children of this public welfare activity have learned a lot.


D2C Basketball’s Public Welfare Action

Let love pass on warmth, let happiness set sail

Every child is unique in the world

shining different light

All good things are related to you~


Happy times are always so short

Coaches and volunteers send children and teachers away

Waving goodbye to the children and looking forward to the next encounter

This activity not only allowed the children of Shunhua Training School to

Participate in sports and cultural life on an equal footing and feel the charm of basketball

Here, we sincerely call for

I hope everyone will put away their strange eyes

We live together under the blue sky

I hope you all have more love, more warmth, and more protection

Melt their loneliness with love



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