Palio, festivals and a great desire to meet on this first Saturday in August

Agordo: review of minerals and fossils, traditional appointment of national importance. Sports hall in Via Lungorova from 8 to 18.

Alpago: «E-Bike Alpago Experience», to discover the area by e-bike with routes of varying difficulty with B-Ride guides. Meeting point Infopoint Lago di S.Croce. Info: 347 2482969 –

Alpago: «Madonna del Runal – stories of a sanctuary in the heart of the forest», environmental naturalistic itinerary with Anacleto Boranga. Meeting at the parking lot after the bridge over the Tesa near Farra, at 8 am. Info: 0437 948093 –

Alpago: «Canyoning» with Pierangelo Pedol, mountain guide. Meeting at the Gaggion pastry shop in Bastia, 8.30 am. Info: 3472456597 –

Auronzo: presentation of the book “The daughter of two worlds”. Chalet Stella Alpina, 10.45 am; charity fishing office in via Dante, 4.30 pm. Info:

Borca di Cadore: for «Historical organs in Cadore», concert «Virtuosismi Barocchi», with Stefano Molardi at the organ. Parish church, 9 pm.

Borgo Valbelluna: «Villa Volley», 11th 3 × 3 mixed green Volleyball tournament. Sports field of Villa di Villa, 6 and 7 August. Info: 3473195584.

Borgo Valbelluna: «Back to Farra – A few days in Fara de Mel», six days of music, sport, party and culture. Until August 15th. Info: 328 3827760.

Canale d’Agordo: presentation of the documentary «Albino Luciani: a miracle from the Dolomites» by the photographer-documentary maker Roberto Soramaè with musical interludes by the pianist Silvia Tessari. Parish church, 8.30 pm.

Cansiglio: «Festa di Sant’Osvaldo», cultural meetings, excursions, market. Info: 3333513668.

Cesiomaggiore: «The square of flavors», free tastings. Piazzale Bar Bianco, from 5 to 7 pm 6 and 7 August. Info: 3494463716 –

Cesiomaggiore: «The wonderful and accessible natural biodiversity of Val Canzoi», an easy excursion with the Mazarol Guides, suitable also for people in wheelchairs or pushchairs. Meeting at the Environmental Education Center, 10 am. Info: 3290040808 –

Comelico Superiore: “Walk in nature”, an easy 2 km long dirt road. Meeting at Paso Sant’Antonio, 5pm. Info:

Cortina: for CortinAteatro, «Au bout des doigts» evening show of mountaineering circus on the walls of the Schuss delle Tofane, conceived by Piergiorgio Milano. Schuss, 8.45 pm. Info: 39 333 3714643 – 348 8243386.

Cortina: for the review «A Mountain of Books», meeting with Mauro Covacich and presentation of the book «Svevo». Alexander Girardi Hall, 6pm. Info:

Erto: inauguration of the exhibition «Who Killed Bambi?», Organized by Dolomiti Contemporanee sees over 90 artists and more than 200 works on display. New Space of Casso al Vajont, 5pm.

Feltre: «The path – from San Vittore to the Madonna del Grappa», a 52 km walk, an opportunity for recollection but also an opportunity to «remember». Departure from Anzù, 5.40 am. Info: 3386817136 – 3207009298.

Feltre: «Ciclo-Palio», meeting for folding bikes «Cinzia, Graziella and the others» and departure of the «Gravelada». Departure at 9.30. Info:

Feltre: “Palio di Feltre”, medieval market, itinerant shows, historical processions, flag-wavers, archery and relay, evening show. From 2.30 pm.

Feltre: meeting «The most beautiful lunar views». Arson Astronomical Center, 9pm. Info: 347 543 8082 –

Forno di Zoldo: «Discovering the park in Val di Zoldo», guided excursion with the Mazarol Guides. Meeting at the Pralongo car park, 9 am. Info: 3290040808 –

Gosaldo: presentation of the book «The mysterious time. Ideas and suggestions to reflect on time and on… time that has no time »by Lisa De Luca. Pro loco bar, 6 pm.

Lamon: «The spectacle of the heart», an informative-theatrical evening where medicine becomes a spectacle. Municipal Gym, 9pm. Info: 0439 96393 –

Lentiai: event evening with the preview screening of the short film «The shepherd of clouds» set in Malga Garda. Courtyard of the Library, 8.45 pm. Info: 0437554693 –

Limana: «Festival of Indian Traditions and Culture», lectures, stories and legends, dances, songs and crafts, Native American cuisine. Indian Villag Museum in Valmorel, from 1pm. Info: 329 5361538 –

Limana: «The miracles of Valmorel», show with Rossana Valter and Paolo Valerio, a production of the Teatro Stabile of Verona. Info: 0437948911 –

Pieve di Cadore: on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Ana Cadore Section, inauguration of the exhibition «History of the Alpine hat». Council Chamber, 11 am. In the afternoon, «Acknowledgments of merit Ana Cadore». Magnificent Community, 5.30 pm.

Pieve di Cadore: “The new legacy of Carmelo and Luigina Paludetti”, conference with Francesca Cocchiara and opening of the exhibition of the new legacy of Titian prints. Casa Tiziano, 6pm. Info:

Rivamonte: for «Musica nell’Agordino 2022», organ concert with Maestro Sandro Carnelos. Parish church, 9 pm.

Rocca Pietore: «Magico del legno», musical afternoon with Acustica delle Dolomiti and the Undercover Trinity In piazza loc. Laste, 5pm. Info: 3203272404.

San Pietro di Cadore: “Alpine festival”. Presenaio locality, Saturday and Sunday.

San Pietro di Cadore: presentation of the book “Gli anni dell’orrore” with songs by the Costalta Music Group. Stua Cultural in loc. Costalta, 8.45 pm.

San Pietro di Cadore: concert by the Monte Sabatino Choir and the Comelico Choir. Hall of the Rule of Costalta, 9pm. Info: 3343206128.

Santo Stefano di Cadore: “Festa delle contrade”, First festival of the districts with parade, soccer tournament, tug of war, volleyball tournament, trump tournament, poison ball tournament and evening party at the tent. Cosatlissoio Sports Field, Saturday and Sunday from 10am.

Vigo di Cadore: concert by the Sanvito choir directed by Maestro Simone Nucciotti. Church of San Giovanni Battista, 9 pm.

Tambre: presentation of the book “Parables of the Mountain” by Don Ezio del Favero. Parish church, 6 pm.