Overwhelms and kills a cyclist in the Pavia area: 51-year-old from San Donato accused of road murder – Chronicle

The dynamics of the accident are still being examined by the investigators. The woman would not have noticed the 62-year-old’s mountain bike, which was reaching the Vidigulfo gym where he worked as a judo teacher

Mauro Gramazio, 62-year-old resident of Torrevecchia Pia, in the Pavia area, was overwhelmed and killed while riding his mountain bike from a Fiat Panda driven by a 51-year-old from San Donato. The latter is now accused of road homicide, but the dynamics of the accident still present some aspects that must necessarily be clarified in order to arrive at a detailed reconstruction of the tragedy. The fatal accident occurred in recent days in Vidigulfo, in the province of Pavia, where Gramazio worked as a judo instructor at the Virtus Sporting Club gym in via Libertà. The 61-year-old, like every morning around 8, was cycling to reach the sports center. According to what has been possible to reconstruct so far, the cyclist had arrived in via Ranzini from via Aldo Moro when the Panda of the driver from Sandonatese arrived and overwhelmed him. It cannot be excluded that the car entered via Ranzini from a side street, not noticing the mountain bike. In this sense, the accounts of the witnesses of the event will be fundamental to shed light on the exact dynamics. In any case, the 62-year-old was literally loaded onto the hood of the Panda and thrown violently onto the asphalt a few meters away, losing consciousness. Immediately rescued by some passers-by, he was transported to San Matteo in Pavia, where his death was confirmed.

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