Our college badminton team won one gold and one bronze in the 17th Shaanxi Games

Our college badminton team won one gold and one bronze in the 17th Shaanxi Games

Source: Ministry of Sports
Author: Sun Jun/Wen Gengqiang/Photo
Release date: 2022-08-05

In the “Yanchang Petroleum Cup” college student group badminton competition of the 17th Shaanxi Provincial Games that just concluded on August 3, the representative team of our school won the first place in the women’s team and the third place in the men’s team.

This competition is the first time that a team competition for college students has been added to the Shaanxi Provincial Games. The competition is based on the results of the Shaanxi Province badminton competition in 2020 to qualify, and only the top eight college sports teams can participate in the competition. Our college badminton men’s and women’s teams are all qualified, and it is also the only university in Shaanxi where both men’s and women’s teams stand on the podium.

The competition started on July 31 and lasted for four days. After the group qualifying, our college women’s badminton team defeated Xi’an International Studies University, Shaanxi Normal University, and Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology successively, and qualified first in the group. In the semi-finals, we met our old rival, Huaqing College, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology. Our school team members dared to fight and went on to the final with a 2-0 victory. Facing the 2020 and 2021 provincial championship champion Xi’an University of Finance and Economics in the final. Off the field, the players thought calmly. Teacher Geng Qiang devised strategies and boldly changed the formation to strengthen the women’s doubles. On the field, the players were not afraid of strong enemies and started a desperate contest with the opponent. The first women’s singles match was lost to the opponent, and in the second women’s doubles match, the two sides went back and forth, and the score rose alternately. At the critical moment, the team members relaxed and proactive, and finally defeated the opponent in the decisive game and pulled the big score. Back to a city. In the third women’s singles, our school’s players played steadily, completely defeated the opponent, and finally won the game. After being defeated by the opponent in the provincial championship, they completed their “revenge” and won the hard-won championship.


In the men’s team, the group met with old rivals such as Northwestern Polytechnical University and the new runner-up Eurasian College in the provincial championship, and the situation of qualifying for the group stage was slim. However, the coach communicated with the players in a timely manner and cheered the players up, so that the players gained self-confidence to fight. In the group stage, the players played extremely hard, and finally the men’s team qualified for the second place with a slight advantage. In the semi-finals, they lost to Xi’an Jiaotong University and competed with Xidian University for third or fourth place. Facing the opponent who lost in the last provincial championship, the team members and Mr. Geng Qiang actively communicated and resolutely changed the formation to strengthen the men’s doubles. In the first men’s singles match, our school team members proved that they defeated their opponents. The second men’s doubles match was extremely stalemate. Both sides won a game first. In the third game, the score rose alternately to 29 points. The school won with a slight advantage of 29:27, and the total score was 2-0 against Xidian University to get the third place.


In this competition, all the team members dared to fight and never admit defeat; the cheering team shouted one after another off the field, cheering for the team members, fully demonstrating the good competitive level and spiritual outlook of our college students, and leaving a deep impression on the brother colleges. impression. In the end, our school won the “Sports Morality Award”; Pu Liuru, Cai Shuying, Jiang Henan and Huang Xiaohu won the title of “Excellent Athlete”; Coach Geng Qiang won the title of “Best Coach”.

Editor: Xu Xin

Final judgment: Li Xiaoying



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