Osasuna vs Sevilla summary of the match and goals in LaLiga | Spain League

First bombshell at the start of the Spanish championship. health knocked down the Sevilla in their stadium (2-1) to inaugurate LaLiga 2022/23. Vibrant duel with a lot of rhythm in which the figure of Aimar Orozrojillo youth squad who scored the winning goal and who became the figure of the night thanks to his great performance.

Osasuna and Sevilla were the protagonists in charge of opening the new season with an electric shock in which both teams showed good physical condition after finishing their preparation a few days ago.

The first clear option was Chimy Ávila, who only lacked a good hit against Bono after a technical dribble past Gudelj.

Rubén Peña made his debut with Osasuna in an official match and very soon he took out his letter of introduction. The former Villarreal player ran down the right wing with space to put a pinpoint center for Ávila at the far post. The Argentine moved intelligently to head in the first goal of the championship. El Sadar burst with joy to see one of the most beloved footballers happy.

It seemed that with the red goal Osasuna was going to take advantage of the momentum to scare his rival again, but Lopetegui’s men brought out their quality in a great triangulation between Acuña, Papu Gómez and Rafa Mir that the latter finished finishing off at the near post .

Sevilla attracted the Navarrese towards their goal and then left as soon as possible. Both teams did not give rise to any kind of truce. The locals improved their performance with the passing of the minutes. Moi Gómez drove the ball until he hit a shot with his left foot that ended up grazing the right post.

The revolutions dropped in both squads for a few minutes, but this was a mere mirage. The occasions were given quite regularly. A clear offside by Papu Gómez prevented Del Cerro Grande from being able to complete Sergio Herrera’s subsequent penalty on the Argentine that the referee had to cancel.

The Madrid referee did not show any type of doubt in the penalty committed by Gómez on Moncayola for obstruction. Usual pitchers like Chimy, Moi or Moncayola himself were left without placing the ball from eleven meters. Aimar Oroz was the chosen one. The 20-year-old did not shake his pulse and put his team ahead again.

Osasuna did not take his foot off the accelerator, but continued looking for the opposite goal to close the match. Pablo Ibáñez made his debut with the first team and Aimar Oroz was applauded at his debut as a starter.

The referee decreed the end in the 95th minute to give the Pamplona team the first victory of the season against a Sevilla team that was dominated by a rival that did not go through too much trouble.



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