OM: “no departure impossible”, Rongier accepts the situation

Aware of the obligations of its leaders, Valentin Rongier is lucid. The Olympique de Marseille midfielder knows that his future, like that of his teammates, could be turned upside down at any time between now and the closing of the summer transfer window.

Valentin Rongier does not rule out the idea of ​​a departure.

The situation of Olympique de Marseille is no secret to anyone. At the request of owner Frank McCourt, Pablo Longoria must record sales.

It would still be necessary for the players concerned to agree to leave. This summer again, the Marseille president finds that some elements are in no hurry to pack their bags.

Ronnier understands Longoria

This is again the case for Duje Caleta-Car, but also for striker Bamba Dieng, absent from the score sheet against Reims (4-1) on Sunday in Ligue 1. The Spanish leader may have to turn to other market values ​​such as Valentin Rongier.

The 27-year-old midfielder still says he is happy with Marseille but understands the club’s financial obligations. As a result, Rongier does not guarantee anything about his future. If I stay this season? I don’t like to jargon so I can’t tell you it’s 100% safe, replied the former Prime Video native from Nantes. The president has said it over and over again: every player is sellable. He needs to sell to balance the club’s finances, we know that.

Focus on OM but…

If there is an offer that satisfies the club for any player and that the player concerned also finds his account, there is no impossible departure, accepted Rongier, evoking a banal situation in his eyes. It’s football, it’s not destabilizing because we know it. When you are a footballer, you learn this profession and you know that you represent a market value and that football is also business. Hence the need to think about one’s own interests.

I am preparing for whatever happens to start the season and be efficient, he added before the match against Reims. I will do everything to be there, whether it’s Marseille, or if the club ever tells me we’ve received a good offer, we discuss , I want to be ready, I work for me. But in any case I have the Marseille head 200%. In the event of an interesting proposal for Rongier, OM supporters know what to expect.

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