Office worker hobbies: We are recruiting people for badminton meetings.

Badminton class We are recruiting people

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We are filling up the badminton team 😄

Not a professional club
It is a small group of sports/neighborhood friends.
It has the greatest significance for people of various fields to get along with badminton as a medium.

The members are made up of members from various industries such as the financial industry, oriental doctors, lawyers, and teachers, and they are friendly with each other.

▼ These people are very welcome
* Beginners to badminton (people who are good at it will teach you) or those who want to work hard!
* People who enjoy sports
* social person

▼ People like this are discouraged
* Those who enjoy bluff/sales/dissonance
* Those who are not interested in sports but are only interested in the opposite sex
* Those who want to participate without a racket
* Those who do not keep appointments

▼ We aim for this kind of consumption
* A meeting where you can catch two rabbits for exercise and friendship
* A meeting that can be a memory for everyone
* Gathering in an atmosphere where no one is alienated and participates independently
* Maintain the form of private small groups

▼ Other Introduction
* Opening date: May 2020
* Main activity area: Indoor badminton court near Janghanpyeong Station (Olympic Park or Pungnap indoor badminton court if reservation is unsuccessful)
* Preferred age group: 24 ~ 34 (current personnel are included in this age group)
* Current number of people: 20
* The match is mainly played in men’s and women’s mixed doubles.
* To prevent confession attacks, meetings are only held in open chat rooms.
* After the friendship has built up, we have left the exchange of contact information at our own discretion.

*Membership application process *
1. Enter the Intertu chat room below
2. After a brief introduction
3. Participate in regular meetings held every Sunday at 7pm
4. Try the meeting and if you like it, you can join formally

For healthy small group operation, only those who have a clear identity/self-introduction are invited.

[가입신청을 위한 오픈톡방]
I look forward to a good relationship. thank you

Song Bae-dong interview Song Bae-dong interview



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