Nothing to get without a coach in Bochum

Photo: Baseball department of TSV Hochdahl

On Sunday, July 24th, 2022, the Neanderthals played away against the Bochum Barflys. The team had to start the journey without their coach Daniel Faßbender.

In addition, the team lacked many regulars. So you started the away trip with 9 players. Under these circumstances, there were no great hopes of taking anything countable home from Bochum. The team was supported by Chr. Schoger as base coach.

T. Faßbender took over for Hochdahl on the throwing mound, in the first inning it looked as if he had caught a good day. He severed 2 of the first 4 batsmen. In the further course of the game, Bochum’s offensive got stronger, so that they scored at least one point in every period until the end of the game. After several hits in the gaps, T. Fassbender was replaced by P. McKelvy in the 6th inning.

The Hochdahler offensive efforts were limited, the good thrower Nengelken of the Barflies had the team under control. Only Chr. Hallmann got 2 base hits. However, only 2 more hits were added to these 2 hits. The Neanderthals brought just 8 people to the base.
At the end of the day, if you don’t get any runners on the bases, you can’t score.
In Bochum they deservedly lost 11 to 1.

So there is a lot to do in the next training sessions. Anyone who would like to support the team or would like to try our great sport is cordially invited. (Training times: Monday and Thursday from 6 p.m. on the Kemperdick sports field)

Played for Hochdahl:

T. Faßbender (P, 3B), E. Wendland (C), Chr. Hallmann (1B), Chr. Ninow (2B), P. McKelvy (3B, P), S. Emtiazi (SS), Chr. Kampf (LF), J.Kampf (CF), N. Köhler (RF).




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