“No, with Chicho it’s fine”

Tevez’s visit to the Bombonera mobilized. The departure of Carlitos de Boca left wounds. The relationship of tense calm with Riquelme was always in the atmosphere and if necessary, at the end of the game, it was forceful. Faced with a direct and clear question in the Super Miter Deportivo, the Apache put on the table that there is no wave. This was the dialogue with Gabriel Anello:

-Carlitos, would you have liked Riquelme to come and greet you, to be on the green lawn giving you the awards…?

-No, with Chicho (Serna) it was good… Bye friend.

The departure of Tevez from Boca, with a press conference together with Riquelme, had hidden, in some way, Roman’s relationship with Carlitos. What little wave they had between them seemed to be liquefied with that farewell.

Riquelme had spoken about the return of Carlitos to the Bombonera directing Central. “We are going to receive him very well, we are going to treat him with love. It is his house. We are not friends but I love him very much”. And it is true that they prepared an emotional welcome for him although Román was not on the field for the delivery and Chicho Serna did it.

And after the press conference, Tevez began to speak with the SuperMiter Deportivo. He analyzed the game, his desire to continue in Central, he said excitedly that when he went out on the field he looked at the box where his father used to be and in the end he did not dodge the question about Riquelme. And that “No. with Chicho is fine” was forceful.



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