NFL: Aaron Rodgers refuses to “waste his time” if he has to play a preseason game

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Aaron Rodgers doesn’t feel the need to play a preseason game, but if the Packers quarterback is in a game, then he actually wants to play.

Rodgers hasn’t played in an exhibition game since 2018 – although he was scheduled to play a game in the summer of 2019, which ultimately fell through due to poor field conditions in Winnipeg. The combination of the poor start last season and the arrival of new receivers and offensive linemen, however, could be a reason to participate this season.

“I don’t see any benefit,” Rodgers said Tuesday. I really don’t see any benefit in playing just one series on offense. If we have to play, we should play a quarter, a few streaks, 2-3 overs. Being in uniform for four games, in my eyes, is a waste of time. »

Head coach Matt LaFleur has already said Rodgers won’t play in Friday’s first preseason game in San Francisco or in Week 2 against the Saints. However, he did not rule out the possibility of Rodgers taking part in the final preseason game against Kansas City.

“I’m not saying this to send a message to Matt; I’ve said the same thing to Matt before,” Rodgers said of his preseason vision. “We’ll see what happens when we get there. »

The Packers were wiped out in their season opener last year, losing 38-3 to the New Orleans Saints. LaFleur was quick to say in camp that it could “potentially” change his handling of training camp and preseason games this season.

“I believe in learning from every situation we find ourselves in,” LaFleur said. At least it stimulates conversations. »

Rodgers has a very clear opinion on the management of the team.

“I believe there is no win-win situation outside the stadium. You have to do what’s best for the team and that’s what Matt is going to do. He will rely on the leaders of the team and if he feels that we have to play, we will go. But I don’t just want to play three games. That, to me, is a waste of time. »

Part of the debate is deciding how much time Rodgers needs with his new receivers, including veteran free agent Sammy Watkins and rookie Romeo Doubs – it looks like they’ll both have a big role on offense now that Davante Adams left. We will also have to see how the offensive line will hold up.



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