Neymar’s huge tribute to Steph Curry in the middle of a match!

Stephen Curry’s influence on the sports world is absolutely incredible. After the last title of the Warriors, many athletes decided to pay tribute to him, including the superstar of PSG Neymar. During his recital against Montpellier, the Brazilian made his best imitation of No. 30.

Stephen Curry is a particularly influential player, as he is behind one of the biggest changes in history in the game. Thanks to, or because of him, depending on one’s sensibilities, the three-point shot is become the ultimate weapon of all teams, who no longer hesitate to abuse it. If mid-range play is rare, with a few exceptions, it is also because of the revolution created by the Chief.

And its influence is not only felt in the NBA microcosm, since players all over the world are now trying to be skilful behind the arc… Once upon a time, all young people dreamed of dunking like Michael Jordan or Vince Carter, whereas today they inspire more to shake the net at 10 or 12 meters. It remains to be seen how long the phenomenon will last.

Neymar sort le « Night Night » de Steph Curry !

Then, with the last title of the Warriors, Steph Curry established himself as a great superstar far beyond the borders of basketball, and athletes who shine in many disciplines pay tribute to him, in particular by resuming his new celebration. This Saturday, Neymar was inspired by the Chef during his recital on the lawn of the Parc des Princes.

Neymar celebrated his goal with Steph Curry’s ‘Night Night’ 😴

Neymar, in absolutely dazzling form since the start of the season, celebrated one of his two goals this Saturday by resuming the famous “Night Night”, popularized by Stephen Curry during his last playoff campaign. A tribute not necessarily surprising, when we know that the Brazilian player is a big fan of the leader of the Warriors:

Steph is one of my favorite players. I was speechless when I met him.

Hopefully for PSG and their fans, Neymar will not only take inspiration from Steph Curry’s celebration, but also his work ethic and hunger to win. If so, Paris will be a team to follow in the race for the Champions League.



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