Newsletter – Calenberger Online News: Treffen mit Olympia-Judoka Giovanna Scoccimaro

A special highlight was already on the first day, when Olympic bronze medalist Giovanna Scoccimaro showed tips and tricks of her successful competition technique “O-uchi-gari” (large inner sickle) as well as numerous forms of exercise for it. Federal base coach Miguel Ogando Lopes had, among other things, turning techniques from the bench on the program, which he otherwise teaches to squad athletes such as Giovanna Scoccimaro. Another sense of achievement for Alexandra Baur from Barsinghausen was that she successfully completed her last modules (standing and special technique) of the examination for the 1st Dan (master’s degree) under the strict examiner eyes of Dennis Burkhardt, Carsten Tront and Youssef Diouri on the sidelines of the summer school could and is now also allowed to wear a black belt. The techniques and practice methods shown during this intensive judo week will soon be passed on to the local judoka by both women from Barsinghaus in their training.



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