NBA: The viral mate of Bronny, son of LeBron James, which amazes the NBA

Bronny James He wants to follow in his father’s footsteps. She is clearly just starting out and has a long way to go to even achieve a quarter of what she LeBron has achieved. However, in many of his actions, it shows the hours he has spent watching videos of his father.

In Paris, in a match against a selection of French under 18 players, Bronny signed the best play of the match, a mate that has already gone around the world because it has gone viral.

Bronny he captures the ball in his field, crosses the field unopposed and ends his ‘from coast to coast’ with a wild mate that in its plasticity and execution reminds someone of LeBron.

The play has caused the astonishment of many NBA players, including, of course, his father, who expressed it on the networks, but also others such as Stephen Curry.



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