NBA: The Lakers look for the final blow: Anthony Davis, Kyrie Irving…

The rumored summer team is the Los Angeles Lakers. The reasons are well known, mostly related to history, the Californian city market and an ambitious project -which has already been champion- in search of returning to the elite after a complicated year. In the market his name ‘is in everyone’, and in addition to LeBron James he wants to consolidate a ‘Big Three’ together with Anthony Davis… and Kyrie Irving.

Ambitious, obviously. And it is not known for certain if it is realistic because the financial ‘engineering’ -as it is now said- that would have to be carried out is more typical of a video game. What does seem true is that in the Los Angeles franchise they want those three names as pillars. With LeBron safe, the task goes on to consolidate the other two positions and it is a task that goes from the benches to the offices.

Anthony Davis, faro

With Anthony Davis there are reasonable doubts. In the ‘bubble’ ring he was fundamental but his next two years were hampered by physical problems. It has appeared in movement accounts, but at no time neither club nor player want to separate. And then there is Dervin Ham. He is a coach who should adapt perfectly to ‘AD’, as he has made him see, and LeBron agrees – a difficult thing at another time.

This was the Anthony Davis of the Bubble

The reason is pure basketball. Ham wants a strong team on defense and the best rim protector on the team is Davis. To this is added a job in preseason to confer the team’s offensive keys. Being the main attacking generator, he will lean on LeBron and with the current plans, everything that Westbrook contributes from the triple will be of vital importance. And what is more important, James agrees as they point out from the United States.

Offensive for Kyrie Irving?

The other mainstay of the new Lakers is what can happen with Kyrie Irving. It is still a love-hate relationship, because Irving did not want to force himself to finish in California, the Lakers were not serious and from the franchise they live under pressure from their stars. Still, it seems the interest sure is real.

Kyrie Irving’s summer show with children

Because, according to ‘The Athletic’, the Lakers will look for their Irving offense to become effective after giving the Nets the maximum number of first rounds. A key button for any transfer, which mortgages teams to expect high performance from the acquired player, and which is usually capital to rebuild.

In that movement, Russell Westbrook is the other key piece and also everything that Irving can do to pressure. At the moment, he is unhappy but he has not forced his situation to join the Californian team. His signing could be the definitive leap for some Lakers who want to repeat successes.



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