NBA, Reggie Jackson tells himself: “In Detroit I thought about retirement. Clippers? We have only one goal in mind”

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Reggie Jacksonplaymaker dei Los Angeles Clippersgave an interview to clutchpointsthe NBA talent recalled the dark times past a Detroit until the breakthrough in Steve’s franchise Ballmer. These are the words of the number 1 of Clippers: “When I was in Detroit on the pitch I had fun, but the organization was really bad. In the first year we reached the play-offs, but too many injuries ruined everything. I started doubting my abilities due to fan criticism, I got to the point of wanting to retire. I strengthened myself, I told myself that no one should deprive me of what made me feel good. Thanks to Paul George and the Clippers I have recovered, the last few years in LA have been fun. Tyronn Lue is the best coach in the league, when we are all healthy we have only one goal in mind ”.



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