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The Golden State Warriors seem to be close to collapsing a project of years, of much work and triumphs, “The Big Three” of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green would be close to coming to an end due to financial problems.

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According to several sources, the San Francisco Bay Area team could not offer Green the maximum contract of 134 million dollars, which would mean the departure of the forward, who apparently has no plans to lower his salary.

Green has been one of the pillars of the defending NBA champions, exerting great effort in the leadership role, along with Curry, who in Thompson’s absence carried the team as far as they could.

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Now the situation is based on the fact that Green could move to a new team, and the main candidates would be the Detroit Pistons, a franchise that does not have financial problems and could get the player’s signature for new projects that will be very useful.

For now, everything points to rumors, however; The economic situation of the Warriors to retain their players has been a headache in recent years and now it could cause a negative situation within the team.



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