NBA: former gangster Dejounte Murray ridicules the last number 1 of the Draft

The Atlanta Hawks point guard welcomed Paolo Banchero (Orlando Magic) to the NBA. An extraordinary move and ”trashtalk” galore.

The season hasn’t started yet, but the trashtalk remains.

The NBA stars are in full preparation before the resumption which will take place at the end of October. And even if they have just come out of their holidays, the players are already in great shape. Like Dejounte Murray.

Leader of the Atlanta Hawks, he arrived this summer from the San Antonio Spurs, he needs to find automatisms with these new teammates. These already seem well established with this superb action between Trae Young, him and John Collins.

Fake in the back and dunk
with the board

But this time, it was individually that the Seattle native shone. Fake pass and dunk with the board on the head of Paolo Banchero (Orlando Magic). The last number one of the Draft could see the difference between the NCAA level and the NBA. After ridiculing him, the leader did not hesitate to trashtalk the strong winger. Gesturing to him that he was too small and throwing the ball at him with force.

The story could have ended there but it continued in Instagram story. “You tried to tell it to me with that 1 shitis pick,” Murray said. You have changed. You’re not the humble kid you used to be anymore and I’ve lost all the respect I had for you.”

The Atlanta point guard isn’t one to be pushed around. A mentality that comes from the street. When he was younger, he was part of a gang and sold drugs. “I was bathed in it. My mother was going back and forth in prison. I already knew all the drugs at four or five years old.”

“I was active in the street from the age of 11”, Dejounte Murray

The leader acknowledges having participated in illegal activities. “I was active on the streets when I was 11. And when I say active, I don’t mean just hanging out in the corner. Everyone in the block knew my name.”

After being in prison for a month, and on the advice of NBA player Jamal Crawford, he puts traffic aside to focus on basketball.



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