NBA, Duncan Robinson: The best table tennis player in the league you don’t expect

The Michael Jordan holding a ping pong racket within the NBA world? To hear him speak there is no doubt: it is Duncan Robinson, so sure of himself that something real must be there. “I’m the best ping pong player in the NBA, by posting: I repeat, because I want it to be clear. Nobody comes close to my level ”. Not even Meyers Leonard, recognized by many (and apparently also by some front offices) as a talented ping pong player: “No no, there is no story: I love him, but I have challenged him a lot of times and I am clearly harder”. Same goes for the head to head against Franz Wagner – another very accredited and highly rated player in the NBA – and above all the same result: the winner is always Duncan Robinson, a specialist in three-point shooting and at this point a man to beat even with a racket in hand.



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