NBA: Dejounte Murray humiliates the 1 of the Draft in a ‘match’… And the pique ends on Instagram

The NBA is experiencing a moment of hiatus, but its stars do not rest from… Being stars. For the good, with exhibitions at any stop in your summer. And for the bad, with ‘snags’ and tone outbursts that do not stop showing that special condition. The last one is one of the figures of the summer: Dejounte Murray.

Murray starred in one of the moves of the summer by trading the San Antonio Spurs for the Atlanta Hawks. He landed in a solid project led by Trae Young and gave exterior defense, physicality and verticality. At the same time, he continues to prepare in the summer. Participates, on a recurring basis, in summer games in which he has come out with performances of more than 35 points.

In one of the last ones, he was cited as a rival to Paolo Banchero, the surprising number 1 in the Draft for the Orlando Magic. The game escalated in tension until Murray humiliated the ‘new kid’ in the NBA. He goes in, runs out of pot, hits his body and ends up finishing with an auto alley-oop dunk. He does not stay there and throws the ball to Banchero.

Later, that pique moved to Instagram, where Murray accused Banchero. “You tried to flex with the No. 1 draft pick when I always rooted for you when you were a kid. Don’t fall for the internet thing of not saying anything. You are no longer that humble boy you always were. And you know. You have lost all my respect,” he continued. “He is humble. Your life is real now,” he added.

Banchero replied: “I have always been that humble boy who praised you brother, do not change the narrative for the internet.” He preferred to get away from the controversy of a Murray star of the summer. One way or another…



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