NBA, Anthony Edwards returns to the Playoff disappointment: “We gave the series to Memphis”

Spoke into the microphone of Zion Olojedejournalist of the editorial board of Complex, Anthony Edwards is back to talk about the series Playoff which involved his own T-Wolves eh Memphis Grizzlies on the occasion of the opening round. After reaching the postseason for the first time since 2004, Minnesota he deservedly left the Tennessee on the temporary result of 1-1, only to throw away a double advantage of 25 points on the home parquet in Game 3 and condemn the match and series. Since that time, Memphis has firmly resumed the reins of the series, eliminating in six games Edwards and teammates, despite the fact that they had been able to close the first half in five of the six matches played.

Below, the words of Anthony Edwardsstill reluctant to digest the defeat a quarter later:

“With all due respect to Memphis and its players, I have the distinct feeling, today even more than three months ago, that I have given the opening streak to our opponents. At this level you pay for any kind of lightness and having managed some decisive moments too sufficiently has ruled our elimination. I couldn’t have imagined a better stage for my Playoff debut, especially as Memphis, along with us, represents the franchise of the future in the Western Conference, but such a defeat was honestly demoralizing. It is always right to compliment your opponents, but it is equally important to recognize your mistakes and mature “.

Conclude Edwards:

“Despite having basically had every game in hand, we have not been able to close the case. For our opponents it must have been like receiving a gift or stealing a candy from a child. Inexplicable to have come out like this, through our fault, really inexplicable. Next year we will definitely be more ready and less inclined to give away matches and series ”.

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