NBA 2022: Steph Curry and Snoop Dogg unleash the madness by opening the renovated court where the rapper played as a child

Snoop Dogg, one of the greatest sports fans in southern California joined the greatest figure in sports in the north of the state and current MVP of the NBA Finals, Stephen Curryto renovate the court where the rapper grew up playing.

Together with artist Damion Scott, who has illustrated Batman and Black Panther comics, debuted the new Boys and Girls Club court at Martin Luther King Jr. Park in Long Beach, the same one in which a young Snoop (whose real name is Calvin Broadus Jr.) would play when he was little.

The court design, inspired by Dr. King, has an image of the promoter of the fight for civil rights and the words “Believe”, “Teamwork”, “Aim for the highest”, “change the game for something good”.

After the official premiere event, shared a basketball clinic with children and youth, who were fascinated by the presence of celebrities

Snoop Dogg gives Stephen Curry one of the long-awaited chains of Death Row Records

After the event, Snoop presented the Finals MVP with a chain of the record label Death Row Recordsin which he made his debut as an artist in 1993 and which he recently acquired.

They are an exclusive list of people who have this chain, with Snoop giving away others to Eli Manning and to the star of Tik Tok, Khaby Lame.



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