National Team Candidates, Hwasun Summer Training Ends: Hwasun Maeil Newspaper

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Badminton national team candidates passed
2from day 10Until Sun Hanium Culture and Sports Center(hereafter hanium) Summer training at the indoor gym has been completed..

10According to Hwasun-gun, The nominee team is selected from among the national high school players. 60It was made up of male and female players.. The nominees are 1Winter training was held at Wall Hanium..

Koh Young-goo, coach of the national badminton national team With excellent sports facilities and good sports infrastructure, I came to Hwasun Fees for using sports facilities, With the active support of Hwasun-gun, such as transport vehicle support and quarantine supplies, the players were able to focus on training.expressed his feelings.

the squad 10After working summer training 12from day Hwasun National University Badminton Championshipparticipate in.

Governor Koo Bok-gyu Thank you to the players and coaches who visited Hwasun, the mecca of We will continue to do our best to expand and support sports infrastructure so that excellent athletes can train at the best sports facilities.said.



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