Naples: De Laurentiis’ exit on African football goes very badly

Tired of the organization of the CAN in winter, Aurelio De Laurentiis promised not to recruit any more African players. An outing which earned the president of Naples remonstrances from the main parties concerned.

Aurelio De Laurentiis is in the sights of African leaders.

Don’t talk to me about African footballers anymore. I won’t take any more, as long as the Africa Cup of Nations is organized in the middle of the season.

It only took one sentence for Aurelio De Laurentiis to annoy (a lot of) people. Tired of the organization of the queen competition in Africa during the winter, the president of Naples, who has never hesitated to bet on African players (Koulibaly, Ghoulam, Diawara, Osimhen, Ounas, etc.), promised not to do it anymore. What irritate a lot of people on the other side of the Mediterranean.

CAF calls for sanctions

Starting with CAF. The African football body, shocked by the remarks made, alerted UEFA to the need to sanction the Italian leader. CAF is appalled by the irresponsible and unacceptable remarks made by the President of Napoli FC, Mr. Aurelio De Laurentiis, on African players and the African Cup of Nations can we read in a press release published on Monday.

By publicly stating that players who sign for Napoli must sign a waiver of participation in the Africa Cup of Nations as a condition of employment, De Laurentiis’ comments are likely to fall under Article 14 of the Regulations discipline from UEFA. CAF therefore urges UEFA to open a disciplinary investigation against him continued CAF.

Ciss dfie De Laurentiis

The coach of Senegal, Aliou Ciss, challenged him to the transalpine filmmaker. I have a lot of respect for De Laurentiis, but I challenge him to try not to sign African players. A football player can play for twelve clubs, but he will only have one national team. The clubs will never be above our flag and our national teams. Every Senegalese who plays in Europe, wherever he is, I will call him to defend the colors of the nation, if he is qualified. obviously the clubs are afraid of the AFCON, but it is important for our country and our continent released the coach of the Tranga Lions for BBC Sports Africa.

Why does the debate only exist when it comes to African players? When a Brazilian is called by his selection, there is no debate. However, we are five hours (by plane) from Europe, whereas in South America it is seventeen or six hours. The clubs should dialogue with the players to find the best solution so that they can help them while helping their selections. We are not fighting clubs. I’ve always tried to have a good relationship with them , added the African champion. And if it was finally time to find a solution that will satisfy everyone?

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