N1 Cordobans configure their projects

The province is preparing for the most ambitious basketball course in Cordoba in many years. In the capital, Milar Córdoba stands out in the women’s LF Challenge and UCB Camper Eurogaza in the men’s EBA. However, throughout the Caliph territory there is, in turn, a wide representation of teams that will put their stamp on the N1. In total, there are nine clubs that will compete in this interterritorial division, which, without a doubt, represents a historic participation. In this way, Cabra, Puente Genil, Peñarroya, Córdoba CB, Montilla and Maristas will participate in the men’s category, while UCB, Maristas and Adeba will participate in the women’s category. And most of them have already laid the first stones of their projects.

As far as the boys are concerned, CP Peñarroya, who hurried until the last minute to return to the EBA, is the one that has moved the most in the market to date. The miners will once again have José Antonio Santaella at the head of the bench, in addition to having renewed Luis Rodríguez, Pepe Varo and Diego Viera. Likewise, the entity confirmed the signings of Rafael Luque and Arturo López, while Manu Sánchez promoted from the junior.

For its part, CB Montilla reported that it will once again be managed by Agustín Leiva and has confirmed the signing of Adrián Ramírez, who returns to the club after passing through UCB, while Puente Genil took over the services of coach Alberto He rolls for his first team.

Finally, regarding the female category, in this case the most active has been the UCB, which will continue to be led by Inma Maestre. The entity also renewed Alba Garrido, Sandra Borrego and Claudia Bello. The other announcement in this case is that of Pedro Cabello as coach of the Maristas.



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