My father is a former Chunichi left arm… “Brother pitching” who fulfilled his dream “I was moved” Brother entrusts his brother to the best in Japan | Full-Count

Ayuto Senhei of Hachinohe Gakuin Kousei gave a good relief in the 9th inning, and his father, Tatsuya, was a former Chunichi pitcher.

My brother stepped on the stage of Koshien, which my father could not fulfill three times. The 104th National High School Baseball Championship was held at Koshien Stadium on the 7th of the 12th. Tatsuya Araidai, the eldest son of former Chunichi left-hander Tatsuya Arai, pitcher Aruto (3 years), said in tears, “I was reminded of the fear of Koshien.”

It saved a pinch, but it didn’t lead to results. Hachinohe Gakuin Kosei was 1-1 in the 5th inning, and outfielder Kota Sato (3rd year) succeeded in winning with a running home run to the left wing. He scored 3 points in the 7th inning, but lost 4 points behind the scenes and was caught up.

9th inning with 1 death and 1st and 2nd base with the score tied at 5-5. Walker, who went up to the mound in place of pitcher Tsubasa Tomii (3rd year) in a pinch of goodbye, succeeded in “firefighting” by hitting No. However, in the 10th inning, Tomii, who pitched again, was carried to Nakamae by Mino Juhi outfielder (3rd year) from 2nd and 3rd base without death and lost goodbye. The walker, who had protected third base from this inning, slowly approached Tomii, who was on his hands and knees on the mound.

“I don’t think there’s anyone to blame, so I said, ‘There’s no one to blame you.’ I think Tomii himself would have regrets, but he threw well.” Until the end, as a captain, he never forgot to take care of his teammates.

Father is also Hachinohe Gakuin Kosei OB, lost in the Aomori tournament final for 3 consecutive years and drank tears



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