Monza, Stroppa: “We are under construction, we will see stability in a while”

The pre-match declarations in view of the match against Udinese

The words of the coach on the eve of the match against Udinese, valid for the third championship. Several analyzes carried out by the coach eager for redemption following the two defeats remedied against Turin and Naples:

“We work with the will to review the team seen against Torino. Unfortunately it is our past. We have a formation against Torino, and then I have to change 2/3 of the defense. Pablo Marí is not available even tomorrow, then Ranocchia and D’Alessandro. It is necessary to invent training and make a virtue of necessity.

I would like to find an identity of mentality, balance. To do this it takes time and a lot of work. I don’t know if we’ll be able to integrate anyone. The problem is that there is no pre-season.

Despite the injuries, I knew it would be like that, a few months ago I was in Serie A and I knew what I was up against. Those who have arrived have arrived out of condition, the problem is that there is no time. The team must have Torino’s approach, then they can play well or badly.

There will be room for everyone, let’s see who and if in the game or in progress. We probably paid for the performance against Torino in terms of fatigue.

Could it be Cragno’s time? Sensi gave good feelings in Naples: could he play as a director? Yes, I’m thinking about it, unfortunately he didn’t work with the team this week, he just did the finishing. As for Cragno, it’s in my head, the Di Gregorio idea I still carry forward.

Udinese? Category team, tough, used to playing like this for years. We will meet a team that has inches and kilos, it will be even more difficult.

The new Monza is a question mark, I would say that we will see stability in a while, but I don’t know when.

About Petagna? The first match made a great impression on me, in Naples he paid a little. He would have improved his condition by playing, there are no alternatives.

In general we need to improve a lot in the management of the ball and the moments, there were many opportunities to do better. Napoli did the most important things when we lost the ball. They are certainly avoidable mistakes.

For sure the two negative results could weigh on during the match, we talked about it with the boys, we want to get to the performance. We face a balanced team, which has physicality, it will be even more important to win duels ”.



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