Montone – “Donation of the Holy Thorn”, Porta del Borgo wins the archery competition

The challenge for the Palio starts between the three districts. The representations of medieval life are underway

(UNWEB) Montone, – In Montone the challenge for the conquest of the Palio of the “Donation of the Holy Thorn”, the historical re-enactment among the oldest and most evocative of Umbria, has come to life, scheduled until Sunday 21 August.
A week of celebrations to preserve the memory and tradition of the village and its most illustrious characters through shows, cultural events, archery, art workshops and more.
While the expectation for historical representations of medieval life grows, the three districts of the village have already faced each other in the archery competition, where the district of Porta del Borgo was the winner with the archers Demetrio Bruschi, Riccardo Colcelli and Giorgio Ferranti. In second place was Porta del Monte, with Marco Bocchini, Giuseppe Serpolini and Roberto Persico, and third classified Porta del Verziere, with archers Federico Arcipreti, Antonio Costa and Alessandro Grassini. Federico Arcipreti from the Porta del Verziere district won the “Golden Arrow 2022” as the best archer.
Everything is still at stake for the conquest of the palio and the election of one’s own Castellana. In fact, from this evening, Wednesday 17 August, the districts will be fully engaged in the representations of medieval life scenes, judged by a jury of experts called to evaluate the historicity, the scenography and the interpretation. The first to perform, starting at 9 pm, will be the Porta del Verziere district which will present “Con novo guard che move d’amore”. Thursday 18 will be staged “The choice”, the medieval representation of the Rione Porta del Borgo, and finally, Friday 19, the Rione Porta del Monte will conclude with “Sub tuum praesidium”.

Winning archers gate of the village 2

Federico Arcipreti Porta del Verziere golden arrow 2022



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