Miryang City Hall wins the national badminton championship team event

The Miryang City Hall badminton team won the team event at the 2022 National Badminton Championships. Photo/Miryang

The badminton team at Miryang City Hall is frightening. This year, he won the team event three times at the nation’s top elite competitions.

At the ‘2022 National Badminton Championships by Category’ held in Dangjin, Chungcheongnam-do from the 4th, the Miryang City Hall team won the team event once again.

Miryang City Hall won the men’s general team final by defeating Yonex 3-2. This proves once again that they are the best team in Korea by winning 3 consecutive team championships this year following the Nogo Danbae National Collegiate Business Federation match and the Korean Badminton Association long term.

In the men’s general division, Miryang City Hall’s Kang Hyung-seok placed 3rd, and in the doubles, Kim Sa-rang and Choi Hyuk-gyun advanced to the semifinals, but in the doubles, Kim Young-hyeok and Na Seong-seung lost to third place.

Miryang City Hall team manager Son Seung-mo said, “It feels good to win the team event and I feel rewarding as a manager. I am grateful to the players who did their best.”

He added, “I will do my best to show a better image in the future.”

Meanwhile, in the second half of this year, Miryang City is also scheduled to hold major national and international competitions, such as the Miryang Yonex International Badminton Competition, the Korea Secondary Badminton Federation President’s National Student Championship, and the Korea Elementary Badminton Federation President’s National Student Championship.



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