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Atlético Nacional is measured in the Athanasius Girardot al Pasto, by the fifth date of the Betplay League, in which the King of Cups occupies the last squares of the table.

Minute 53: Great goal by Emanuel Olivera to widen the difference and the green team win 3-1 at the Atansio.

Minute 50: Goal by Jeison Medina, who with a header, and after a corner kick sends the ball to the bottom.

The second half starts. Yeison Guzmán enters the green instead of Jarlan Barrera.

Minute 47: The first half ends and the green team is up 2-0 against Pasto, for date five of the Betplay League with goals from Dorlan Pabón and Jéfferson Duque.

Minute 38: Action by Jéfferson Duque, who scores, but the line cancels it, they are reviewing the VAR.

Minute 33: Yellow card for Andrés Román, for a foul on Ospitaleche, close to the corner kick.

Minute 31: Arrival of Deportivo Pasto, through Mariano Vásquez, from medium distance, passed by.

Minute 25: Dorlan Pabón strong with an external edge shot and opens the scoring in the Atanasio.

Minute 22: Full-back Andrés Román gives Nacional a lot of opportunity, but the lack of definition has prevented him from going up on the scoreboard.

Minute 9: National option, Daniel Mantilla cannot finish off alone in the Pasto area.

Minute 6: yellow for Álvaro Angulo, for a foul on Mateo Garavito.

Minute 2: Jéfferson Duque’s option, saved goalkeeper Cabezas with a corner kick.

in the first minute of game, Andres Felipe Roman He reached the goal of Pasto with danger, the ball went wide.

The green has news on his starting payroll, the main one, the return of goalkeeper Kevin Mier to the goal of the eleventh paisa and the absence of Yerson Candelo, due to injury.

Those led by Herrera go with Wednesday; Andrew Roman, Emmanuel Olivera, Christian Castro, Alvaro Angle; Jhon Duke, Andrew Andrade, Jarlan Barrier, Daniel Mantilla, Dorlan Pabon and Jefferson Duke.

The team led by Flavio Torres also defined the starting roster for the game that will start ten minutes late due to rain.

grass goes with Andres Heads; Jerson Malagón, Kevin Riascos, Mateo Garavito, Diego Sánchez; Facundo Ospitaleche, Juan Camilo Roa, Víctor Arboleda, Facundo Boné, Mariano Vásquez and Jeison Medina.

The greens that have four important casualties (Sebastian Gomez, Yerson Candelo, Juan David Cabal and Tomas Angel), which is why coach Hernán Darío Herrera cannot count on them for the match against Pasto.

In the history of games between both clubs, they have played 62 games, with 31 wins for the greens, 16 draws and 15 losses.

According to data provided by National Athletic, Of those 62 games, 54 are for the League, four for the Cup and two for the South American.



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