Millonarios vs Deportivo Cali Mayer Candelo: statements of the match for the Betplay League | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Deportivo Cali lost again and again with a good number of goals against in his visit to Millonarios, for date 6 of League II-2022, in which the sugar producers had good control in the first minutes, but then the team he fell and they scored 4 goals, which could have been more. At the end of the game, coach Mayer Candelo analyzed the result against.

“We saw it for 36 minutes, an organized team that controlled the Millonarios game, which was what we came for, take the ball away from them so as not to let Larry and Pereira play, who are the ones who play the game for Macalister, Ruiz and Gómez so that forward be protagonists”.

He added: “We have made mistakes in the sense that whenever they score a goal for us we fall down, we weaken and that is what we have to work on the most at the moment. We have to continue to be strong, brave to be able to overcome it, but it was 36 minutes where the team was what we worked on during the week”.

He spoke of his continuity in Cali: “this is a project that was put together for a year and a half, we knew the reality of what we are experiencing and what we have as a team. We also trust in the talent of our players, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but with work everything can be changed. I am not one of those who cling to anything, because nothing is mine, if tomorrow I have to leave, then I will leave or if I continue, I will continue to give my best with all my heart and love, because I am a Cali fan.

He hopes to continue working to reverse the situation: “this is everyday work, be patient, we have talked about many things, but many times the wind blows away what is talked about if there are no results. I am aware that if there are no results and tomorrow they want to call me, there is no problem of money or anything, but rather I leave and leave, but I think that up to now we have had the support of the people and leaders”.

He was questioned about the team’s setback, to which he replied that “many times to attack with those who had the ball, and when they came back it became more difficult, we were also at the height so it was not easy, but I think that despite that, our 4 defenders had controlled that 2-1 well, because we were well closed, backed up by each other and the idea was to control their game and I think we did very well in those 36 minutes, until they did the first goal.”

Juan Andres Arias Arias
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
And Twitter: @AriasJuan_15



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