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One of the players who went through Millionaires and who did not leave very pleasant memories in the fans is Santiago Montoya, midfielder who currently plays for Deportivo Pereira. The man from Antioquia left Millonarios in 2020, after three years wearing the blue shirt, and the breaking point would have been the penalty saved by David González in the elimination against Deportivo Cali for Copa Sudamericana 2020.

The ‘Wizard’ turned the page after this difficult chapter in his career and in a recent interview he only had words of recognition for the fans of the ambassador, who did not hesitate to describe them as the best fans in the country. The ’10’ even gave his reasons for putting it above Atlético Nacional or América, which are considered the teams with the most fans in the country.

Montoya told in a chat with Bolavip that “I was in Millonarios and once I made a comment, which For me, the best fans in the country were the Millionaires. You know why, because it has not been like Nacional that has won 15 titles in recent years, it has won Libertadores“, Said the footballer about the unconditional support that the blue fan has always shown.

And he added that “the fans are always there, they always accompany and love their team. For me that had a lot of meaning although Nacional also has a lot of fans, it is very easy to follow a team that is always good. Millionaires in the last 20 years has won four or five titles and not 15 as a National.”

Finally, Montoya referred to his departure from the capital team, and although he has already said it several times after his departure from Millonarios, he gave details about that episode that led him to be targeted by the fans.

“With this penalty we were not eliminated, the shootout continued, but they want to find someone responsible and if they want it, I am to blame. I threw the penalty and laughed at what happened, but I accept the consequences. That was the trigger because the people were angry with me,” Montoya mentioned after clarifying that his reaction was given after a comment made by goalkeeper González, who is very close to his family.

The statements of ‘Santi’ have gone viral in the last hours, after being replicated by followers of Millonarios, who although they do not have good memories of his time with the team and continue to charge him for the penalty, they do appreciate his comment .



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