Michael Jordan: his most legendary jerseys

Considered the greatest of all time, the man who wrote exciting and unforgettable pages in NBA history, Michael Jordan he is simply a legend of basketball and the sports scene.

Therefore, it is not surprising that even 20 years after his retirement, his name is still a reference, and that everything related to him is still in the news, such as the next auction of one of his jerseys, which Michael Jordan took in his last season within the Chicago Bullsthe same one that inspired the docu-series The last Dance. All in all, the auction represents an event, for fans of basketball and MJ, but also for avid collectors.

Especially in the United States, the so-called “memorabilia” can reach insane amounts of money, not to mention items that have to do with Michael Jordan: the first Air Jordan shoes sold at auction for more than $21,000, MJ’s rookie card in his first year as a pro fetched $100,000, and even the scoreboard at Salt Lake City’s Delta Center—where Jordan made one of the most iconic baskets of his career in Game 6 against the Jazz in 1998, which earned him his sixth NBA title—sold for $57,000.

And then there are the jerseys Michael Jordansome of which mark the most important moments of his life as an athlete.

North Carolina

Michael Jordan in a North Carolina jersey.Focus On Sport/Getty Images

The place where it all began. Michael Jordan wearing North Carolina blue number 23, a springboard for a successful career. A skinny MJ and less muscular than he would become, his gaze fixed on the basket and on his future, are the perfect complements for this iconic jersey, with which he won the NCAA title in 1984 and was sold for 114,000 Dollars.

The first year in the NBA

Michael Jordan in his first year as a professional.Focus On Sport/Getty Images



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