Message in time for the assholes

“Women are a big problem. But that is the kind of problem that we men love to face”… Joseph McKadew.-

Just like every Wednesday, today is Mail Day. Please, send your name and the town or city from where you wrote.

For the assholes…: I remind those who send me insulting messages and those who post them on Antisocial Networks, that the honor of voting for the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, I did not win it in a raffle, nor did they give it to me for being Venezuelan.

That honor has been the product of years of clean work, good behavior, respect for baseball and respect for the Major League Baseball Writers Association.

You hot assholes can say and write what you want. I am free not to hear them or read them… But take care of what itches.

Rigoberto Osuna, from Atlanta, asks…: “Could you report the reality of how Jackie Robinson was not the first black player in the Major Leagues, as you yourself have claimed?”

Amigo Rigo…: The first black in white professional baseball, in any category, was Bud Fowler, who at the age of 14, in 1872, barehanded, because gloves did not exist, already played all positions, including pitcher.

Later, the brothers, Moses (Fleetwood) and Weldy Walker, played until 1884, with the Toledo Blue Stockings, American Association, which was the Major League. That was the year when Adrian (Cap) Anson imposed discrimination, which lasted until Jackie-Dodgers, in 1947.

José L. Guevara, from Caracas, says…: “I wanted to ask you, who makes the Major League Baseball game schedule?”

Friend Pepe…: Past tense. “You wanted”. I mean, you don’t want to anymore.

In any case, I inform the other readers that in the commissioner’s office there are specialists who prepare the calendar project, to be approved by each team.

Ronald Pajaro, from Caracas, asks about: “John Olerud’s numbers, with which teams did he play, and will you vote for Francisco Rodríguez?”

Amigo Ron…: Olerud, now 54, spent 17 seasons with the Blue Jays, Mets, Mariners, Yankees and Red Sox. He hit 295, 255 home runs and 1,230 RBIs… I will not vote for Rodríguez.

Luis Capote, from Catia La Mar, asks…: “What are Roger Maris’ numbers and why is he not in the Hall of Fame?”

Amigo Lucho…: Average 260, home runs 275, RBI 850 in 12 years. Because he doesn’t deserve HOF.

Thanks to life that has given me so much, even a reader like you.



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