Mercato: Ronaldo tenses the Manchester United locker room

Eager to set sail, Cristiano Ronaldo has still not found a base. One thing is certain, the soap opera around the future of the Portuguese striker is creating a stir in the Manchester United locker room.

Ronaldo grows impatient with Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo loves the Champions League and the Champions League loves Cristiano Ronaldo. A couple that has lasted two decades and does not want to separate. By finishing 6th in the last Premier League, Manchester United cannot assure the Portuguese striker of finding his betrothed this season. And a, the fivefold Ballon d’Or cannot stand it. Consequence: he wants to leave. O? In priority in a club of the top of the basket. But these teams are not necessarily ready to welcome him.

Ronaldo’s sulks annoy

Result, the situation gets bogged down and the former glory of Real Madrid loses patience. After missing the Asian tour, officially for family reasons, the Lusitano expressed his displeasure by leaving Old Trafford at the break of a friendly preparation match against Rayo Vallecano (1-1). To support the thesis of a possible departure, the number 7 of the Red Devils started on the bench during the defeat against Brighton (1-2), Saturday in the Premier League, spending only a little more than half an hour on the lawn, the time to see Marcus Rashford miss the inevitable on one of his golden services.

A rather symptomatic action which marvelously reflects the difference in objective level between the 37-year-old superstar and his partners since his return to fanfare a year ago. A technical abyss which has also widened regarding the relationship between the ex-Juventus player and his younger companions. While most of them had wide-eyed a few months ago, not hesitating to follow his example, especially in food and preparation, they ended up being tired of a soap opera that interfered with the start of their term of office. by Erik ten Hag.

A departure considered healthy?

According to the English press, a large part of the dressing room would not be unhappy to see Ronaldo leave for other skies to allow the team to approach future meetings in a more serene way. Some even believe that the transfer of the native of Funchal could facilitate the emergence of players, the image of Jadon Sancho, and would rebalance the forces. If he still keeps allies, they do not necessarily agree with the way he does it since Ronaldo has so far decided not to speak publicly. September 2 is still a long way off…

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