Mayer Candelo: statements on the expulsion of Teófilo Gutiérrez | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

To a sporting, economic crisis and also in the attitude of players like Teófilo Gutiérrez, Mayer Candelo appears to reassure the situation that Deportivo Cali is going through week after week. The cover of the week was produced by Vice President Marco Caicedo when he went down to the dressing rooms of the Deportivo Cali Stadium in the two-goal draw against Jaguares de Córdoba and insulted his players. To his misfortune, Ángelo Rodríguez deduced the leader’s words in English and answered him. Caicedo decided to resign from the Committee.

In addition to this bad attitude, Teófilo Gutiérrez also appears in the match for the ninth day of the BetPlay League against Unión Magdalena when he raised his leg to the hip of Ricardo Márquez and undoubtedly, he was expelled for the twenty-fifth time as a professional. No one can deny his talent, but what is always surprising is the stubbornness of him getting himself thrown into extremely important games.

After the 2-2 tie at home, Cali has four units and still doesn’t know what it’s like to win in the tournament. With Unión Magdalena the countenance was the same, he had victory in his hands, but it vanished at the last second. Mayer Candelo lives the crisis calmly, despite the fact that he has not added three yet. He sees an improvement in his club in search of that goal of getting out of the bottom.

However, he dedicated words to Teófilo Gutiérrez analyzing his performance. At Caracol’s VBar, Mayer Candelo began by saying, “here we are not going to recriminate or point fingers. You don’t do that in the dressing room. Everyone knows that they have to reflect on their follies and their irresponsibility. He will have to be checked, because it is not the first time. The idea is to arrive tomorrow and talk to those who have suffered from this issue. We have to put a limit on this, because with this need we cannot afford these luxuries”.

At the same time, he mentioned how he works with the group and how he has created a bond with those he directs, “I came to give it order and impose order and respect. I told them from day one that I liked working in a team. I don’t need to be the best friend, but being good partners won’t cut it. There is no color or size, but talent. I have found myself with a tolerant group and with whom we have worked very well”.

Regarding sports news, Mayer Candelo mentioned, “you can’t talk about the past here. They have carried that weight. There are teams that get used to losing and you have to get out of that rut. We have tried to psychologically release that. Here we have worked little by little and it has improved, at least we no longer lose. Now we come back from games and they tie it at the end”.

He added that the situation will improve calmly, “fortunately, we have some new directors who want a process. We are designing and talking to find the players we want for the next tournament. The results have not been given, but they understood what was said on the first day. I know well the bottom and the root so that this improves economically and sportingly, but not doing favors of putting the friend to play. The idea is that the older ones are the image of the young people that we are going to start projecting. We want to compete at a high level to reach the finals.”


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