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Bittersweet Saturday night for Mayer Candelo. Although he returned to the stage that cheered him on countless occasions and had a great reception from the albiazul fans, his team, Deportivo Caliwas thrashed 4-2.

The sugar box is still in a crisis that for now keeps it colero from Liga BetPlay 2022-II with scarcely one unit out of 15 possible. Everything seems to indicate that Mayer could be removed from office at any time.

Although it began with the full support of sugar fans, the results have gradually worn down the general patience. The relationship would have completely fractured after the DT’s statements before and after the game.

Why the discomfort? In the run-up to the match, Candelo spoke with Win Sports about the nostalgia he felt when returning to the El Campín Stadium: “It makes me melancholy because I played for many years in this stadium… I have to defend my colors today against another team that I love, my blue sea He always gave us and gave us the best. We are going to carry this love for life.”

Prior to the initial whistle of Bismarks Santiago, the public on the highest stage in the capital applauded and chanted for the remembered former soccer player. He returned their love with the same applause and gave emotional hugs to both Alberto Gamero and Mackalister Silva, with whom he shared a dressing room a few years ago.

After the defeat, Mayer referred again to his affection for the blue team: “It’s a mutual feeling there is. I was happy to come, I wanted to win. The feeling of the fan is the same that I feel for them. It is very happy to know that one has not come for many years and they receive you like this, showing the love they have had for you. I also have to tell them that my love is enormous for them because of everything we live, what we earn. That will be forever with my blue sea.

All these situations added to the landslide caused great annoyance in the Cali fans, who on social networks demanded “respect for the institution” in the midst of a sensitive moment.

In this order of ideas, several Twitter users reached the point of demanding Mayer’s departure with what happened. Many others, mostly fans of other teams, took the opportunity to mock and post memes.

Here are the reactions:



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